Amber, Vickie, Dominick, & Cowen

June 30, 2010

These little boys made me work, that's for sure! :) But I'm really
loving the results, and that's all that counts!!

Cowen, Amber, & Dominick

Cowen, Amber, & Dominick ~ I love how it looks
like Cowen is kissing Mommy's hand


Cowen looking for the "picture fish". This was the 1st I'd heard of them also.
Apparently, they jump out of the water after you smile for a picture! :)


My favorite of Dom sitting on the RR tracks


Cowen ready to run with the dump truck down the hill



And I actually have 4 more that I was planning on putting up
right now, but Flickr chose this very moment to go to a new format!
I need to go figure out why I'm getting errors.
At least you got a peek Amber! :)

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