Sebastian & Jen

August 21, 2011

Sebastian is almost 4 and destined to be the "class clown"! He talked a lot,
was really fast!, and thought I owned the park where we met. lol He really liked
"my" fountain, couldn't believe I had my very own! :)

Sebastian & Mommy

My favorite of the 2 of them ~ LOVE it!


Playing in the fountain


I love this one ~ he was hilarious!


"Leave me alone. I'm cooking fried potatoes" lol



He was trying to find his own spots to sit. After I saw the light in his hair here, I talked
him into going back after he got up & ran away before I could get a good one!



And Mama was in the perfect spot while we were waiting on him to run
back over to the fountain with us. :)

Sebastian, Mommy, & Cocoa

Sebastian, Jen, & Cocoa

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