Kinsey & Josie


March 13th ~ Happy about eating an apple while watching Dumbo

Her shy, "nice" smile

Her shy, "nice" smile ~ March 12th

Enjoying Her Apple

Gotta love apples


So I told the kids this morning that Josie needed a photo shoot. Right away
she got all excited like she knew what I was talking about. The munchkins thought
it was hilarious, and I had them convinced she had understood our conversation.
Well, it turns out it wasn't as great as she thought it was going to be. She just stood there
with her ears all weird and tail between her legs like, "What are they doing? Why do I have
to sit by the barn? She did say she wanted a couple good shots!! I'll stop licking the couch,
I swear!" So we gave up & this is pretty much the only decent picture I got even with Matt
holding her leash for me so she couldn't take off.

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