Krysta & Ronnie's Wedding

June 26, 2010

So thankful that it was a gorgeous day for my first outdoor
wedding for this year! It was a very good day!!

Krysta & Ronnie

Krysta & Ronnie

The Guys

The guys ~ I love this pose even if they did joke that they looked
like a JC Penney ad! :)

The Bride

Just beautiful!!

Billie Jo

Billie Jo waiting on the bride & groom to get back from
their joyride. I was literally holding my breath praying she
wouldn't see me and move. I LOVE this!

Unity Ceremony

The Unity Ceremony

Strike a Pose

Everyone strike a pose!

Carissa & Grandpa

Karissa dancing with Grandpa at the reception

Driving Away in the Mustang

Driving away in the Mustang ~ love all the bubbles!


The beautiful bride

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