Enjoying Spring Weather!!

Looking for Caden

March 9th ~ Mac looking for Caden. We were playing on the
porch while waiting on his Grandma to come.

Mac on the porch

"I see Caden!" :)


Brittany doing the Little Bumbeesong song ~ March 11th

Mac at the window

Mac at the window ~ March 16th


St. Patrick's Day 2010 ~ Loving the sucker Caden brought him!

Caden on his new bike

March 18th ~ Caden learning to ride the bike Santa brought him

Cole & Caden praying to Great Great Grandma Ward

March 19th ~ Cole & Caden praying to Great Great Grandma Ward.
They were so sweet there, I had to take the picture!

Cool Dude

Cole is just too cool for words....

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